What our Patient's are Saying

Dear Dr. Parsa:
I have been trying to formulate the appropriate way to express my gratitude to you. It is difficult because it is mingled with all the emotions of Gabe’s ordeal that I have been experiencing. The process began with a tremendous amount of fear and anger which I had to disguise for Gabe’s sake. He kept saying that I needed to be positive. It was the only way that he would make it through all of this, and so we did that together, fortunately with some success. Interestingly, as he progressed in his recovery, my emotions welled to the surface and I had several trying weeks as I dealt with the challenge of ridding myself of the image of a brutal stranger beating my child’s face.

I know that time will heal both of us physically and emotionally. And in all of this was you, our wonderful surgeon, skilled in both your medical specialty as well as your ability to offer us your calming and reassuring presence. All that you are and have done for us means more than I can express to you on this page. Know that I will forever be grateful to you for your extraordinary skills and for steering us with care through our crisis.

P.S. If there is ever another family who would benefit from speaking to me or Gabe, please do not hesitate to have them contact me. I would be happy to offer support for anyone in a similar difficult situation.


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