What our Patient's are Saying

Dr. Parsa:
I want to say to you that not only are you a very skillful, gifted doctor in the work you perform, but you also are blessed with something extra which puts you on a higher plane than other surgeons. I believe this extra special quality which you possess is your intuitiveness and listening abilities. I mean you give wholeheartedly to each and every one of your patients to truly hear their personal concerns when sitting in your presence. I know with me, you often had to hear me babble about nonsense. Yet, you still cared. This quality truly enables you to connect with your patient’s real needs, giving a positive end result. I want to tell you that life is definitely a gift. So, I say thank you Dr. Parsa for the gift you have given me. I sincerely express my appreciation and gratitude for your professional work, care, and passion.
Thank you so much.


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