Your Cosmetic Surgery Questions Answered

Q: A friend mentioned getting Transconjunctival blepharoplasty. What does this mean? Is it better than traditional eyelift surgery? I'm 52 and would like to help my under eye bags.

A: We are as individualized as our finger prints. That’s why a treatment for your lower eyelid surgery needs to start with you in mind. By that I mean there are multiple techniques available to operate on the lower eyelids and what works for your friend will not necessary work for you. Unfortunately some surgeons know of only few techniques and they use them on everyone they see. That’s why when choosing an eyelid surgeon, make sure they have experience in this field and at least they are oculoplastic surgeons.

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is a surgical technique that the incision is made on the inside for access to the orbital fat. In the old days, all surgeons would just remove fat to decrease the bulkiness of the lower lid bags. The problem with doing that is that it can lead to post operative “hollowness” and does not really address the problem. Our newer techniques replaces and or repositions the fat to give you a natural not artificial look.


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